I am packing up my bag (I should probably say bags since I am not a light packer and will definitely require more than one bag) and getting excited to take off for Coachella tomorrow morning! I bought my pass as soon as the first tier of early bird tickets went on sale back in May or June- before I even knew I was moving to California- so this weekend is literally the capstone of a 10-month countdown. One of my favorite aspects of preparing for any festival is picking out the outfits, accessories, and other items that make the experience just that much more special. For almost a year, I have been collecting various pieces specifically for Coachella and I cannot believe the wait is over and they finally get to see the light of day! Below are my picks for ten items I definitely won’t be leaving home without (in addition to my wristband and 5 bikinis, of course).

Portable Charger
I despise people who are constantly on their cell phones at shows, and I would honestly rather not even bring my phone so I could focus on having a good time. However, I have so many different groups of friends that I absolutely must meet up with at some point, so having a charged cellphone is essential. I almost bought one of those phone cases that charge your phone simultaneously but I am obsessed with my Life Proof case so I wanted something that I could just plug it into and throw in my backpack. Plus, this one allows you to charge two devices at once, so I’ll have my friends covered, and it’s just a USB port so you can charge practically anything (not just an iPhone).

Sunnies + Sunscreen
With temperatures pushing 100 degrees during the day, this is a no-brainer. I love sunnies more than anything so I’m bringing 4 pairs for the weekend (did I mention I’m a light packer?). Chapstick with sunscreen is also an important commodity, as well as a hat.

Flash Tattoos
One of my friends showed me these “jewelry inspired temporary tattoos” a few months ago and I am absolutely obsessed! What could be more perfect for Coachella? I ordered the Child of Wild and Goldfish Kiss packs and was surprised that they each came with an abundance of tattoos, so I can share with all the girls in my group.

Urban Outfitters Disposable Camera
What is more fun than a disposable camera? An Urban Outfitters party-fied disposable camera! I tried their fortune cookie camera a few years back and had so much fun with it that I had to get a similar one for this weekend. In today’s age, we’re so used to looking at pictures on our digital cameras or iPhones right after we take it that we forget how much fun it is anticipating the photos you took while you wait for them to get developed, and these cameras just add an extra level of surprise and hilariosity by adding fun prints to all your pics.

Although it can be over 100 degrees during the day, the desert gets a little chilly at night. I get cold super easily so I bought this super cute T-Shirt & Jeans backpack from Tilly’s specifically to hold a jacket, plus all my other crap that I will inevitably be hauling around with me (like my portable charger, sunscreen, water bottle, etc). The most important part: it looks cute with every outfit.

Whatever shoes you wear to Coachella better be able to stand up to the desert sand, which is why I’m bringing my trusty Minnetonka black fringe boots (I have worn them to uncountable festivals), as well as Rainbow sandals for when it’s too hot to wear boots.

hand sanitizer
Hand Sanny and Wet Wipes
I’ve been to enough festivals to know that sinks with soap are difficult to come by (unless you’re lucky enough to have VIP). The last thing I want is to be SOL after using a porta-potty so hand sanitizer is a must. I’m bringing wet wipes too because the desert dust makes everything and everyone a little grimy. Toilet paper is also on my packing list because you can’t count on the gross bathrooms to have such luxuries at the end of each night.

Another no-brainer because I am not about to blindly stumble into a pitch black porta-potty in the middle of the night.

Unfortunately four days of camping, partying with tens of thousands of people, and minimal sleep is a recipe for getting sick, so I’m giving my immune system a little boost with multivitamins all weekend long. Staying healthy is essential to having fun, and I really don’t want to be sick when I’m forced to return to work (which I don’t even want to think about right now).

An Open Mind (cheesey, I know)
I love music festivals because they are such a great opportunity to surround yourself with good vibes and reflect on what is really important in life. I always find that I leave festivals feeling inspired and optimistic, and this has the power to impact my everyday life. I can only imagine what adventures I will embark on this year and I can’t wait to find out!