Ireland Heritage Trip

Watch: Achill Island, Ireland As a sun-chaser and crowd-hater, my travels have almost always taken me to far-flung tropical islands or warm, secluded getaways. But in June, I found myself bundled up in a Patagonia fleece and rain boots, gazing over the Cliffs of Moher...

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Into the Blue: Huraa Island, Maldives

Watch: Diving in the Maldives When most people think of the Maldives, they imagine over-water bungalows in the lap of luxury, with private ladders down to crystal-clear turquoise water, relaxing massages on an untouched white-sand beach, butler service, classy beach...

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Why You Should Visit Lombok, Indonesia

Lombok might not be the island of the Gods, but there’s no denying its paradisal allure. Although this Indonesian Island is increasingly becoming known as “The New Bali”, I think it offers a divine energy that’s all its own. With the majestic Mt. Rinjani towering over...

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Living in Love, Indonesia

In the middle of the night on September 21st, 2016, a fire broke out at Ricky’s Beach House. The cause of the fire remains unknown, but it sent the beloved Rastafarian-themed guesthouse up in the flames, burning the building to a crisp so that only its shanty, charred...

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Playing Castaway in the Mentawais, Indonesia

The tropical heat beat down on me like fire as I sat and waited with Michael. We were on the island of Siberut in the far-flung Mentawai archipelago, which sits about 100 miles west of Sumatra, Indonesia. With us was Fidel, our unusually tall Indonesia surf guide with...

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