New Year’s Eve Music Festivals to Ring in 2018

Picture this: it’s the final countdown to 2018, you are in a sea of 20,000 people, with lasers beaming all around you and an intangible energy pulsating through the crowd. 10…9…8…7. The countdown begins. 6…5…4. You wrap your arms around your friends as the adrenaline...

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Music Monday: Stick Figure – Weight of Sound

Tomorrow will come and the sun will shine Well I'll sitting here right by your side So let the music soothe your soul Let the music take control Everything you do or say comes back to you When things don't work out right, you got to push on through So keep on running,...

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Music Monday: Fred V & Grafix – Like the Sun

Around these walls, all I’ve ever known Reading the dark, all I’ve ever known till now Ain’t no chemical euphoria can ever compared to you The way you’re turning on my barriers Crash right in and hit me like the Sun Light me with your love, come lift me up like the...

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