Music Monday: Rebelution – Meant to Be

it feels like life is taking over, it feels like its meant to be and it feels like life is taking over, it feels like its meant to be cause I can see the sunrise on my way I can see the road rise to meet me I can feel the earth underneath my feet and I can see the...

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Woogie Weekend

Woogie Weekend was by far one of my favorite music festivals I have EVER been to. Normally I’m a little apprehensive about attending debut festivals, as this typically means the event organizers don’t have all the “kinks” worked out yet, but The Do LaB used to throw...

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Top 15 Jack Johnson Songs

I have a lot of obsessions. Rebecca Minkoff bags, sunglasses, Ripcurl bikinis, Flash Tattoos, and Rainbows Sandals, to name a few. But the one obsession that trumps all the other obsessions is definitely Jack Johnson. There’s just something about his cozy, chilled-out...

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