Four Ways I Use CBD Oil Topically

In an effort to live a more healthy lifestyle, I’m always looking for natural alternatives for everyday products. Instead of chemical-laden cleaners, I disinfect my home with lemon essential oil. Instead of harsh eye makeup remover, I melt off my mascara with coconut...

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Choose Compassion

To quote the late Stephen Hawking, “We need to break down, not build up, barriers within and between nations." Earlier this week, Trump visited San Diego to inspect wall prototypes at the Mexican border, a concept so obtuse that it’s almost laughable. I typically do...

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Terra Incognita

I often find myself wondering how exciting it would have been to live in a time before the entire world was discovered- a time where “Terra Incognita” still sprinkled world maps and explorers set off to see what lay beyond our known borders. How incredible would it...

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Living In Harmony

I just read the tragic of story of Australian surfer Sean Pollard who lost both his arms in a shark attack earlier this week, and I was very disappointed to learn that the shark, believed to be a 8.2 foot Great White, has since been caught and “destroyed“. In this...

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Turning the Page

The only thing I dislike about reading is when a book ends. It’s only then that I realize just how emotionally invested I am with the story, the characters, the words, and I find myself going through the five stages of grief every time. Sometimes I even procrastinate...

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World Elephant Day

As humans, we have so much to learn from elephants. Scientists are constantly in awe of the mindful altruism the world’s largest land mammal extends not only to fellow elephants, but also to many other species in distress, including people, proving that animals are...

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The Earth is the Ocean

The ocean’s surface is a facade. The Pacific’s peaceful ripples seem to flow off the end of the Earth like an infinity pool, changing colors with the horizon or glistening like the Koh-i-Noor diamond under the summer sun. In a way, beaches are a borderland between...

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What Does a Smile Really Mean?

The past few days I have been on the hunt for a new dentist (oh, the joys of moving to a new state), and it has suddenly become apparent to me the lengths people go through to obtain that perfect, sparkling white smile. Teeth whitening, cosmetic dentistry, Invisalign-...

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Happy World Oceans Day

Growing up in Colorado, beaches were always synonymous with vacation, and therefore something I always adored and appreciated. Now that I live on the coast, I have experienced how easy it is to take the beach for granted, but still find myself marveling at the...

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