A New Take on Feminism

The focus of the feminist movement has always been for women to attain equal rights and treatment as men. Since the 19th century, feminists have fought for women’s suffrage, equality in education, and participation in the workforce. Crusades against sexist stereotypes...

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The Secret to Happiness: Compassion

In an earlier post I talked about biophilia, the idea that people are inherently happier when they are near other living things such as plants or animals, which led me to ponder what else makes people truly happy. In our society, people often adopt the mantra that...

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Jai Yen

Jai yen is a well-known expression in Thailand which literally translates to “cool heart” (jai meaning heart or feelings, and yen meaning peaceful). The term means to approach any situation pleasantly and in a non-confrontational manner, keeping moderate emotions as...

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