I’m trying to figure out how I have lived in North County San Diego for more than two years and have never been to the Mushroom Caves! This insanely awesome hike is less than five minutes from our house and took us less than an hour to complete. I’m not sure if the caves get their name from their fungi-like appearance, or the drug of choice for all the highschoolers who party here (who are probably also the ones responsible for the huge amount of graffiti, but hey, that’s kind of what gives the caves their charm). We got to the top of the caves just in time for the stunning sunset over Cardiff, what I personally believe to be the most gorgeous area in all of San Diego.

How to Get to the Mushroom Caves:
The Mushroom Caves can be accessed by exiting the 5 East on Manchester. Just look for the trail head on the north side of the road before you get to MiraCosta college (where you can park). Walk through the trail, underneath the freeway, and alongside the lagoon. The caves are just before you are forced to walk directly west towards Seaside. You should see them situated up on the hill situated, but if you can’t find them right away just wander around a bit until you do.

**When we were trying to find directions to the caves, I noticed a lot of bloggers took down their directions due to all the litter, carving, and overall destruction of nature by disrespectful people. So please, don’t be “that guy” and keep this place beautiful.**