I absolutely adore San Diego’s Ocean Beach. Strolling through this funky town transports you back to a SoCal beach town of the 1970’s. There is something around every corner to overwhelm your senses whether it be offbeat hippies beating on drums atop the sidewalk, kaleidoscopic street art you would never find anywhere else, an endless strip of authentic mexican restaurants, well-worn dive bars, and tattoo parlors, and of course, the transcendent beauty of Sunset Cliffs. Between all its quirkiness, unleashed dogs, and tree-hugging vibes, I have discovered a indescribable sense of ease in this town. Not pretentious in any sense of the word, it seems it is one of the last places in the country that has managed to keep things real. It is alternative without being jaded, grungy without being trashy, and always brimming with the type of energy that reminds you to enjoy life to its fullest.